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Eight year customer, no email for 3 weeks, no success in migration to Office 365

Lost e-mail 3 weeks ago, contacted Comcast Business Friday Nov 17 (spent 4 plus hours on phone with migration team) no results. Support was to contact me back. Monday called migration support (another 4 plus hours on phone) with numerious techs no results.

Called Tuesday Morning to Migration team (another 4 hours) they were unable to validate existing e-mail addresses to transition. Wed Called Denver business office, promised they would get support to resolve the issue. Another 4 plus hours on the phone. Agents wanted myself to contact the doman provider to obtain information, the e-mail domain was created through Comcast Business login application over 8 years ago with Comcast business software. This should noy be the end customers responsibility as Comcast business created it. 

The bottom line is that Comcast Business should have created a completely transpartent transition for their customers period. Service interuptions to long time customers should not occur. Upper management should be involved and correct these problems.

I am ashamed the a company that I own stock in is behaving in such a poor migration of e-mail, I know Comcast Business is trying to get out of maintaining e-mail and selling it to Microsoft. 


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Re: Eight year customer, no email for 3 weeks, no success in migration to Office 365

Hi dana and welcome to the business forums.


I would like to review your email issues. Please private message me your full name, the service address, the phone number associated with the account and any impacted email addresses.

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Re: Eight year customer, no email for 3 weeks, no success in migration to Office 365

Yes. Total Crap. Read my post:


Email Domain Deleted During Migration
Not too thrilled with Comcast Hospitality at the moment. It was decided what our email server domain ( was to be deleted. Our option is to switch to Office 365. We do not want office 365, and either way we will no longer have access to that specific email address.


This is completely ludacris as a business customer. This will cause many hundreds of hours trying to change email with accounts and business software, not to mention thousands in lost revenue, and poor customer service on our end. The email was included with all guest inquiries, confirmations, booking software, etc. We have a 20+ year old email from the dial-up days that is still supported. It doesn't cost comcast a penny to run the domain on their virtual servers. Perhaps that is the reason of the 365 migration... Comcast wants to be out of the physical side of things and would prefer to sell us to Microsoft for products we do not want.


Our current contract includes email service, which is no longer available. We will host all of our email privately from here out, but it is unbelieveable that comcast would simply remove access to an account approx 7 years old. 


Additionally we have been trying to upgrade our services to HD. I have called several times a week for several weeks and have not heard back from anyone. Why do we not have an Account Manager? It is impossible to reach anyone who has any idea what is going on through the phone tree.


We will be in touch with our contact at Dish/ATT.