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Unable to access email via outlook or webmail

It would appears servers changed withot notification to Trying to reconfigure outlook mac and ms clients. but autodiscover still going to Even doing manual overrides ro point to server is not always working.


We can access OWA vis new URL


I can see the changes in our dns settings but new autodiscover is not responding to pings.


Why wernt we given a heads up to these changes.




Frank Wannop

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Re: Unable to access email via outlook or webmail

So this upgrade you all did to the exchange server broke 57 working outlook configurations, and you changed the webmail address to owa so everyone favorites also no longer worked. No notice provided to us the PAYING customer of this major change, and like ZERO help from comcast in getting it fixed. I dont want to here you dont support outlook, you broke it so now get me some help and get it fixed.



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Re: Unable to access email via outlook or webmail

It seems that our business account is the latest victim of unannounced changes by Comcast.  We have no issues with change, that is expected.  What is not acceptable:


1.  No notification of the changes and expected outage; who in Comcast do we charge for the lost revenue?


2. No explanation of changes required to reconnect to the exchange system.