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Really bad form

It was really bad form to upgrade the Exchange Server without informing existing customers that:


1. Part of this upgrade would include blocking of the use of Outlook 2003, thus forcing an upgrade without any warning.


2. They would not be informing any of their own customer support team about this issue, thus forcing the affected customers to figure this out all on their own.


3. They would be totally relying on AutoDiscover features of later Outlook versions for setting up email clients.


4. They would not be posting or informing their own customer support team about the new server names and settings for customers who might need them (including those customers with alternate operating systems like Android).


I had to figure all this out by myself, even after much wasted time on the phone with customer support, and losing a full day of work helping all my co-workers sort all this out.


Sigh..I have otherwise been very impressed and happy with Comcast Business before all this.


And for those who cannot stand the busy and awkward user interface of Outlook 2010, the new Comcast Exchange Server will accept connections from Outlook 2007 clients (cleaner user interface and better perfomance on older computers).  But for how long?


Re: Really bad form

Also: There is no way I can find to access any form of the Exchange Management Console. No fine tunning Exchange at Comcast.

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