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Outlook anywhere not working for server

For the past 7 days we have not been able to reliably use outlook anywhere. We have deleted profiles, removed and reinstalled office and every time the profile either cant be setup, just hangs or if it does setup and laucnhes, it quickly flips to trying to connet to server.  IMAP, POP Activesync and OWA work fine.  We have had our IT company try to work with comcast in resolving this but its getting nowhere. Even when they try to configure our exchange account on their machines on  their network, it usually hangs.  They have setup their office365 accounts on our PCs with no issues, but anytime we use a comcast profile, it hangs at processing or it will eventually launch outlook but then flip to trying to conenct to server.


We are at our wits end and Tier 2 support has had our ticket for way too long.  We need more manpower to solve this as it is killing our business not to have outlook email since it is integrated to all of our CRM tools.



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Re: Outlook anywhere not working for server

Hello Tara and welcome,


I recommend that you log into your Business Class Portal (BCP) administrator email account, then under Manage Services click either Email or Websites and then click on any View DNS Info such link. If you are using Exchange Server for your Email, then use the exact Exhange Server address and make sure this is what is contained in any Profile.  


Your Comcast Outlook works anywhere for any BCP email address user your administrator has added, as long as the profile and Outlook have the correct setup and configuration parameters. 


However, if you mentioned that " IMAP, POP Activesync and OWA work fine. ", so I presume you are using all the correct POP, IMAP, etc. Outlook email addresses successfully.  Lastly, if you are having issues with your MS CRM tools integration with Outlook, you will need to contact Microsoft technical support or


Hope this helps you out.



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