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Outlook 2010

We are a small office with Outlook 2010 installed on 6 computers.  However, we just purchased a new laptop on which I need to install Outlook 2010.  However, it appears that it is no longer available for download on the Comcast Business site.


At some point a subscription to Outlook 365 would be desirable, but not now.  The ladies in the office would kill me if I told them we were switching to another email client.


Can anyone help?  Where can I download Outlook 2010.


Help needed and appreciated.



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Re: Outlook 2010

Hello daves and welcome,


Comcast will provide one downloadable copy of Outlook 2010 for every single email account that you have. So, if you currently have 6 Comcast email accounts, you can add one email account using the administrator's account, then you can log into that email account and download that additional copy onto the Laptop. This should be able you to achieve your objective.


Hope this helps you out.

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