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New Cloud Solution

The Cloud Solutions marketplace from Comcast Business is a suite of cloud-based business solutions that can be purchased a-la-carte, without the additional expense of owning local hardware. These business grade services have been handpicked because they meet security, redundancy and customer service needs. The Cloud Solutions marketplace removes the headache of researching the multitude of online applications by hand-selecting products that meet our rigorous criteria and offering them to our customers in one location. Customers can easily manage their users, permissions and business applications across multiple categories using a single sign-on with a Comcast Business online account


To access the Cloud Solutions marketplace simply sign in to your Comcast Business online account and select Cloud Solutions from the Main Menu.


If you require real-time assistance with either accessing the Cloud Solutions services or support with the products, don't hesitate to call us at: 1-855-867-5010 (Option 2)

or via email at:



The Cloud Desk Sales team is available from 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM EST Monday - Friday.

The Cloud Desk Support team is available from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST Monday - Friday.


If you would like additional information about Cloud Solutions or obtaining these new services please see here:




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Re: New Cloud Solution

You need more people working on support for this service before you start selling this to more customers.  This is a nightmare.

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Re: New Cloud Solution

This migration has put my business domain email service down for the last three days solid. I have called the numbers provided, I have Quotewritten to the email addresses provided. I have called other Comcast Business numbers (standard repair, etc.) ALL TO NO AVAIL!


I have left messages at all numbers when the only way through the phone tree was to leave a call back number and message. I have left my information and email address (another working one, since the Comcast one is dead) . I have waited and waited and waited. Three whole days have now passed and no one from Comcast has called or written.


I have been sent a message thanking me for having paid $9.95 to Cloud Services, sort of a receipt, EXCEPT there is no explanation whatsoever on this acknowledgement of payment as to what in the world I have paid for! I certainly have not received any software or anything else except frustration and headaches.


My business is in jeaopardy because of this sirtuation and this stupid Forum is about the only place I can turn to. I have no hope anymore. I will never receommend Comcast Business Cloud Servides to anyone. I will try to find ways to publicize what Comcast has done. This migration that was the brainchild of Comcast and in which Comcast solicited my business's participation has been a total failure. No one at Comcast even bothers to answer or return calls or emails. I have been a business customer for several years.

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Re: New Cloud Solution

Just to be clear: The Admin message above states that the Cloud Support Team is available from 9-5PM EST.    THIS IS FALSE ! The support team has been enirely unavailable for at least the last three days.