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Unable to connect to SharePoint Services via Android?

Just picked up the Droid Razr M (android version 4.1.2) and am having some difficulties connecting to our SharePoint Services.


I linked up the email account quickly and easily through the exchange server, no problem there at all.  Send and recieve emails all day long.  But when I tap the calender on the phone it accesses the "local" calendar in Outlook on my computer, not the shared calendar that my company uses through our SharePoint.


I've got the mobile site URL for our SharePoint server, just drawing a blank here on how/where to connect.  Any help would be very appreciated.  Thanks!



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Re: Unable to connect to SharePoint Services via Android?

Hello Peter,


Welcome to the forum.

We do apologize but based on your post this is very specific issue entailing to the android device.

Unfortunately we can only offer the following online 3rd party articles relating to it.


Open a SharePoint Online site on an Android device by Microsoft

Making SharePoint work by scoius1



Thank you

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