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Unable to Manage Existing Email Accounts

I am still unable to manage existing email accounts

(These accounts have existed for Over A Year - ie. Long before the new web interface was setup)


I was able to manage the accounts (i.e. Delete and then add new ones) easily under the old interface

We have had employees leave, and have new employees that need acces to email.  And need to delete the employees that are gone and reuse the existing (Paid For) email "seats" for the new employees.


Existing "level 2" trouble tickets (Note:  I Have Never Heard Back From Anyone At Comcast On Any Of Them)






The system tells me that we have "0/5 email box's remaining", but I cannot see or make any changes to the 5 existing email accounts.  These existing email accounts are not listed, although they are apparently accounted for somehow in the system (as there are 5 existing email accounts) 


If I attempt to add the existing user accounts, I'm informed that I will have to purchase a new email box for them, They already have email accounts!


If I look at the Existing email forwards I do see all the ones I expect to see, and have the option showing to edit them (I don't need to edit them at this time), or add new ones.




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