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SharePoint link to Outlook

I am using the comcast exchange services and have setup a sharepoint portal.

I have several users (PC's) that I am forced to limit their internet access.


These users are able to send and receive e-mail with Outlook 2010, I have linked sharepoint lists for Calendar and contacts to their Outlook.


The problem is that the lists will not sync.

The user can login into the Sharepoint site with their Comcast User ID (the same User/password used to link to outlook).


Users/PC's that are not limited to internet access do not have any issues.


Is there a port or something stopping Outlook from syncing.




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Re: SharePoint link to Outlook

Hello drfac,


Welcome to the forum.

To your post, this doesn't appear to be account health nor a port issue as these will normally affect all users.

Could you share with the community the "limits" you have placed on those select users in your network?

In addition have you tried to remove and test the sync?



Thank you

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