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Outlook 2007 Not Saving Password

We are using XP, SP3 and Outlook 2007. The initial computer that was setup using exchange has worked and nothing has changed. Outlook accepted the password and has never asked for it again. It took alot for Exchange to work, but with the help of Comcast John (thank you) it has worked. My issue is the next two computers I tried to setup, exchange will work, but everytime Outlook opens, it requires the user to enter their password. It is recalling the user name though. Nothing is different between Computer 1 and 2 & 3. All users have the same credentials. All e-mail accounts were setup (through Comcast's website) identically. I have compared the settings for 1 on 2 & 3. Nothing is different. 


No suggestions on other forums have worked.

1. Tried changing up the Proxy Authenication Settings from Basic to NTLM. Results were worse.

2. Made an change to the registry. No change.

3. Tried adding the domains to password manager in XP (under user accounts). No change.


Only difference I have noticed is when typing in the Exchange server name under setup, each users server name is different. (i.e., When we hosted exchange internally, this didn't occur. We only had one server name. 


Thank you.

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