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New PC - Microsoft Communication Services (Email Clients & Outlook)


I am having problems getting Outlook 2010 32-bit under Windows7 64 bit to connect to the Comcast hosted exchanger servers. The setting below work on an older pc with Office 2007 under Windows XP. My settings are as follows:

Microsoft Exchanger Server
Use Cached Exchange mode is checked


Encrypt data between Micosoft Outlook and Micorosft Exchange is checked

Use this URL to copnnec to my proxy server for Exchange:

Only connect to proxy servers that have this principal name in their certificate:

Exchange Proxy Settings 

On fast neworks, connecting using HTTPS first, then TCP/IP
and On slow networks are both checked

Using basic authentication

Microsoft security asks for my username and password,

then it times out and says that I cannot connect to the exchange server..

Again the mailbox does continue to work on the Office 2007 with XP but does not work with Office 2010 with Windows 7

Can you offer any suggestions on these settings?

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Re: New PC - Microsoft Communication Services (Email Clients & Outlook)

I have been using the tool to test POP



Test Steps     Attempting to resolve the host name in DNS.   The host name resolved successfully.   


Additional Details    IP addresses returned: Elapsed Time: 1107 ms.  


Testing TCP port 110 on host to ensure it's listening and open.  


The port was opened successfully.


Additional Details    Elapsed Time: 242 ms.


The POP service is being tested.   


There was an error testing the POP service.


Additional Details   


S: +OK The Microsoft Exchange POP3 service is ready. C: CAPA S: +OK TOP UIDL SASL NTLM GSSAPI PLAIN USER . C: STLS S: -ERR Command is not valid in this state.

Microsoft.Exchange.Tools.ExRca.Tests.ImapPop.MailProtocolException: -ERR Command is not valid in this state. at Microsoft.Exchange.Tools.ExRca.Tests.ImapPop.Pop3ProtocolTester.SendCommand(String command, String logString) at Microsoft.Exchange.Tools.ExRca.Tests.ImapPop.MailProtocolTester.SecureConnection() at Microsoft.Exchange.Tools.ExRca.Tests.ImapPop.BaseProtocolTest.PerformTestReally() Elapsed Time: 257 ms.

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Re: New PC - Microsoft Communication Services (Email Clients & Outlook)

Hello BOC_Tech,


Welcome to the forum.

The community would like to help but can you clarify a few items for us?

1. What is your domain name?

2. Do you get any error?

3. Are you using your personal copy of Outlook 2010?



Thank you

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Re: New PC - Microsoft Communication Services (Email Clients & Outlook)

Hello ,


1.) the domain for the email I need to reconfigure is

2.) the only error I see is when it fails to login

3) yes, we are using a personal copy of Outlook 2010 professional on the new pc

     the old pc with the account configured is running Outlook 2007 12.0.6680.5000 SP3 MSO 12.0.6683.5000


Thank you

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