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Installing Outlook 2010

I currently have outlook 2007 installed on my laptop as part of the 2007 office suite.  Thought I would take advantage of the outlook 2010 offered by comcast, downloaded to my laptop, and double clicked to start install.  Clicked setup, Goes through the unzipping of the files, pops up an installer for fixcleaner, whether I unstall fixcleaner or not, the setup box says deleting temprory files, closes and setup ends without installing anything.  I have closed defender and firewall.  The same thing happens.  What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Installing Outlook 2010

I am having the same problems and when I call tech support they were not able to help.  They did recomend I call the Upware tech support when they open in the morning.


- The file from that downloads is Outlook2010.exe and when I the winzip selfextracting file the setup on my laptop it goes though 5 addware offers but I don't see any Outlook.  When I run the the selfextracting file on my desktop it stated the set up for my EyeFi control center and then closed.

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