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Email password reset

So I just had a sadly hilarious conversation with a Comcast tech because I selected "reset password" for an employee who had forgotten his.  The new pw was, apparently, emailed to the email box in question where he could not access the pw without knowing it in order to access the email box.  


The tech chided me for not having set up a secondary email address for every employee so that we could retrieve said pw reset emails in this situation.  Really.  


Other than moving our exchange service to someone sensical  does anyone have any thoughts on handling this issue?

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Re: Email password reset

Hello Amazed,


Welcome to the forum.

Please accept our apology for the late reply to your query and the unfortunate experience with the tech support agent.


Please try these steps to reset the password for your employee.

- Steps Link



Thank you, and we encourage you to post your result or thought in this matter. 


(If this issue has been already resolve, please ignore)


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