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Changing email display name and adding email forwarding

I recently added a new email, but was given a misspelling of the name. I have changed it on the user settings on the business class portal, but her name is still wrong when she sends out emails. Is there a way to refresh this information so the proper name is displayed? I have also been trying to setup an email forward, but every time I press save, it says "We’re sorry, but we are unable to retrieve your information right now." Phone support told me that both of these issues need to be solved in outlook, however, I don't believe this is correct. The email is an exchange account, therefor the display name isn't changed in outlook. I also am not trying to setup a forwarding rule in outlook because the email address will no longer be in use and need the emails to be forwarded on the server end. Any help here would be greatly appreciative as these issues are business critical.

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