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Cannot download email to Outllok

Last night we had no trouble downloading email. This morning none of our computers (which run different versions of Windows and of Outlook) can connect to the Comcast email server via MS Outlook. Spent 3 hours on the phone with tech support and got no useful help at all. "Not Comcast's problem" is what we were told.


We have Internet access. We have tried System Restore, uninstalling and reinstalling Outlook, deleting and re-creating our Comcast email account, running diagnostics on the router, rebooting the router, and using alternate mail servers (redirects) provided by stumped tech support reps. None of that has solved the problem on any of our various computers. Several of the suggested solutions have created new problems. Outlook still cannot connect to the Comcast Exchange Server, and no one seems to have any idea why.


We just want the email service we are paying for--and a real solution from technical support.

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Re: Cannot download email to Outllok

Hello morisonhendrix,


Welcome to the forum.

We do apologize for all this tribulations you had using the mail service.

To assist I have already disabled the "smart-packet detection" on our IPGW.

This setting may interfere with exchange server connection.


Please try reconnecting to Exchange server. If you can, test send/receive function to confirm issue resolution.

If you cannot connect to the exchange server, send me a private message with the following information.

Account Information

Contact number

Domain name


Thank You

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