Internet Protocol Version 6
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Using the Apple Airport Extreme with Comcast Native IPv6



The Apple Airport Extreme works well with Comcast Native IPv6. Specific application notes are included below. 


Overview -

Any Apple Airport Extreme released in the last three years with firmware 7.6.1 or newer provides both IPv6 native connectivity and IPv4 NAT connectivity. Comcast Business Internet assigns a dynamic /128 address for the WAN connection and delegates a /56 prefix  for LAN use. Since the Airport has one LAN, common to both Ethernet and WiFi, it uses a /64 prefix obtained from the /56 delegation. IPv6 DNS query settings are also provided to the LAN connected systems. 


Configuratiion -

The IPv6 specific configuration steps below assume a standard setup for IPv4 and Comcast connections.


Using Airport Utility 6.1 or newer:

  • Select the Airport Extreme and click Edit
  • Select the Internet tab and click Internet Options...
  • Configure IPv6: Automatically
  • IPv6 Mode: Native
  • Check Enable IPv6 Connection Sharing
  • Update and Exit


IPv6 Application Notes - 

  • Have patience while waiting for Comcast supplied IPv6 parameters to appear.  It takes a while. 
  • In OS X, configure IPv6: Automatically in the appropriate interface settings.  
  • In Windows 7 and later, IPV6 is configured by default.
  • Comcast's customer IPv6 addressing is all dynamic and, at this time, no static IPv6 addressing is offered.
  • For your end system DNS entries, use a dual-stack dynamic DNS updater on each system.
  • When configuring a dynamic DNS updater, be certain to select the Prefix:EUI-64 address and not a privacy address.


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