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Static v6


Static v6

Does Comcast have a plan or a ETA for delivering actual static IPv6 allocations for Business Class customers?


The current PD model means any number of actions outside of your control means the prefix you were using can change. Further, PD is non-usable if you have a L3 topology behind the Comcast modem, as PD-ing a PD'ed device just doesn't work and static configs means you get to scramble when the dynamic prefix is ultimatly replaced by something totally outside of your control. And all of that is just the addressing problem before you talk about DNS and rDNS implications of something randomly changing on you.


So basically v6 is great for eyeballs but non-usable for services. Business Class is about having services as well as more complicated topology behind the CM, so v6 still has a gap to what a customer can do with v4. Until this is closed, v6 will still suffer relative to v4 in actual use.

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Re: Static v6

dsinn, thanks for reaching out about your concerns about iPv6 allocations for Business Class customers. To date, Comcast has launched dynamic and static IPv6 support for all Business Internet customers. The static IPv6 addresses are included in any IPv4 lease and those addresses can all be found by logging in to My Account. If you are paying for static IPs, you can set up a prefix delegation.