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Ipv6 ptr record

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Ipv6 ptr record

I need a ptr record for my static ipv6 address please how do I set it up
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Re: Ipv6 ptr record



  and welcome to forums.


You can simply send a private message with your requested PTR information to myself or any of the forum admins and we will get the order process for  you.

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Re: Ipv6 ptr record

Hello Michael,


Is there a sane process for updating more than just a few records? Say for example, I want to update an entire /64 to not say xyz-static.comcast.whatever



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Re: Ipv6 ptr record

Sorry for my delayed response. This is an option that I can do for you just  give me your chosen leading address of the /64 and I will get that block assigned to the requested address.

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Re: Ipv6 ptr record

I finally checked back here tonight.


Back in October I put in a request to delegate IPv6 reverse DNS to my own name servers, but that went nowhere.  The tech who ended up calling me indicated that it wasn't possible to do IPv6 reverse domain NS delegation, nor was it possible to even request individual IPv6 addresses for PTR records.


Your reply here seems to indicate that it is at least possible to assign IPv6 PTR records for individual addresses, sort of like we do for IPv4.  Is that actually the case?  If so I'd like to get my mail servers at least set up for IPv6, since not having PTR matching A causes some mail providers to reject traffic on IPv6.


So, is it now possible to request PTR records for IPv6 addresses?



Re: Ipv6 ptr record

Comcast set up an IPv6 PTR record for me!

(Run dig -x 2603:3024:1828:5800:d830:edff:feb2:8d1f).

However, when they came and replaced my modem with a new Cisco model, my IPv6 "static" addresses changed, so now I have to wait for another PTR record.

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