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IPv6 Trial - Static Routes Locally...


IPv6 Trial - Static Routes Locally...

Hello all -


I recently received the Netgear modem as part of the IPv6 trial.


Is it possible to configure this device manually to route a /64 to a particular host? I am using a Cisco ASA which does not support DHCPv6 with PD therefore I need to be able to specify the route statically.


I have been using IPv6 with an HE tunnel for a year and my network is configured and working properly for IPv6 with this tunnel - I am interested in moving this over to Comcast's native network but must be able to configure it to work with my existing infrastructure.


Thank you.

Re: IPv6 Trial - Static Routes Locally...

No static routes at this time, the Netgear only supports PD assignment..


Re: IPv6 Trial - Static Routes Locally...

Should the Netgear support a PD larger than /64?


I've built an Ubuntu VM running wide-dhcp configured to request a /60 so that I can handle the routing myself but the Netgear responds to the request for a /60 with a /64. I've changed my DUID and rebooted both the modem and the Ubuntu VM in an attempt to get a fresh request but the Netgear only incremented the assigned network by 1 and continued to offer the /64 instead of /60 as requested.


I know that my network configuration is a little more complex than a typical small business but I don't believe it is that unusual in that many people are running ASA for a gateway.


Would be great if local routes were supported but short of that, support for a larger delegation than /64 would at least let me route around it.



Re: IPv6 Trial - Static Routes Locally...

I will be testing the Netgear for /60 hint I will get back to you on this..


Re: IPv6 Trial - Static Routes Locally...



Any update on this?


I'm coming up on a little free time and would like to work on this more.



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Re: IPv6 Trial - Static Routes Locally...

Cisco ASA does not support DHCP-PD even the very latest versions don't.  Cisco IOS version 15 does support it, however.


I wonder if the Netgear is itself doing DHCPv6-PD to Comcast to get addressing.  That would explain some things since most likely the Netgear is running an embedded Linux and is likely using wide-dhcpd itself - and as these guys found, it seems that wide defaults to handing out /64 to the downstream clients:




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Re: IPv6 Trial - Static Routes Locally...

Any updates on this?  I just got my trial mrouter today and connected things up.


After a bit the mrouter got a /56 IPv6 address delegated to it, and it assiged itself an EUI64 address on subnet 0 of the /56.


Was able to assign a /64 host address out of subnet 0 on my linux router (which is behind the LAN interface of the Netgear) and was able to ping it from an IPv6 host out on the internet.


However, all attempts to get PD working seem to have failed.  I'm having similar issues to other users on the thread.


I'm trying to use dibbler-client to request a PD for my linux router, and all I can get it to assign is a /64 out of the /56 (subnet 0x80).  But if I set an IPv6 out of that subnet on the inside of my linux router and try to send traffic to it, the Netgear doesn't route it to my linux FW (tcpdump shows no traffic to that subnet being routed there).


Perhaps I need additional options in the DHCPv6 request to make the Netgear add a route for the subnet?


Ultimately, I'd like it to basically delegate the whole /56 to the linux router so I can do whatver I want with the subnets remaining.


(I believe this will still work even with the overlap of the already assigned subnet zero, since both the netgear and the linux box will have longer-prefix routes for that subnet).


Anyway, any pointers to work with PD and all that fun stuff would be appreciated. 


Or just let us enter static routes (presuming that the IPv6 the mrouter gets isn't dynamic and/or is reserved).


- Jim


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