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I switched for this?

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I switched for this?

I switched from Comcast Residential to Comcast Business and now I can't use IPV6? What on earth is going on?


I see you closed the trials back in September, but I expected that was to wrap up the trials and roll out the IPV6 implementation.


What is the deal with Comcast Business? Why is Comcast Residential miles ahead with regards to IPV6. I was using IPv6 more than six months ago.

Can I buy my own IPv6 Compatible modem since it states clearly on the IPV6 readiness chart that the Netgear CG3000DCR is not IPVC6 capable?



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Re: I switched for this?

This is what you get when you go to the link most recently provided by Comcast Business Support::


Comcast IPv6 Info


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Re: I switched for this?

Hello Jaseinatl,


Comcast is one of the industry leaders to implement and facilitate IPV6 throughout it's entire customer service installed base. There are many specific intra and inter-regional prerequisites that must be validated before issuance and utilization of IPV6 to control all Comcast Internet, Telephone, and TV customers. As apparently you know, there are also many customer premise equipment settings that must be jointly implemented, as well, for instance basic networking configuration going from IPV4 to IPV6. Most device that I am aware of must be manually reconfigured and very few are auto-configured to take both.


Lastly, if you check this information  you will find that the NetGear CG3000DCR network layer is in fact IPV6 , IPV6 client/server/relay, and IP fragmentation and reassembly compatible. I presume your " Netgear CG3000DCR is not IPVC6 capable  " comment is premised on the lack of IPV6 check mark in the http://mydeviceinfo.comcast.net site where the Business Tier blue ball is put on Deluxe 150 setting. This also escapes me, as well, unless Comcast is still performing in process IPV6 trials that are not yet fully complete.




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Re: I switched for this?

Here's a question...  I have the Motorola Surfboard 6120, and Comcast has configured it to ipv6 ONLY.  I'm getting less than dial-up speeds and Comcast tech support refuses to correct the problem.  It's no wonder so many Comcast customers hate them.


Just think, the Time Warner merger goes through and they'll have TWICE the Customers to refuse to provide adequate service.

Re: I switched for this?

Rich, Thanks for the reply. Sorry for my delayed response.


Okay, I am pretty sure that I know what you mean by "Business Tier Blue Ball" but I didn't change anything with said blue ball. It's set to ALL, not Deluxe 150. But just to be sure, I checked it on every Blue Ball setting and it's not checked on any of them. 


My frustration is that I was using IPV6 with Comcast Residential. Comcast Business, if they are still in testing, needs to fire it's networking team and hire the residential networking team to bring them up to date.


Comcast Business is not considered an industry leader and just because they happen to be under the Comcast roof, it doesn't mean they get the kudos that the Residential side does. They are actually kind of the laughing joke of service providers in other forums.




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Re: I switched for this?



We are business customers and getting underserved. The previous poster was right when they said that IPv6 is already on residential and even other cable operators support lists. Cox and Charter already have it rolled out to their business community 6 months ago. Get with it.

Re: I switched for this?

We are working on getting the Comcast Business Services enabled for IPv6 as soon as we can..  We are working with the vendors to get the code where it needs to be to launch it to the field..


Jamescabe and JaseinatlAGAIN I will be IMng you here shortly..



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