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Dynamic IP and IPV6

I have a Comcast Business account, dynamic IP. Based on this article (https://business.comcast.com/help-and-support/internet/comcast-business-internet-learn-about-ipv6/). Our router is set to receive IPV6, but doesn't receive them, and our modem supports IPV6. I used the test site noted in the link, and received:

"Your IPv4 address on the public Internet appears to be (IPV4 address)

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) appears to be COMCAST-7922 - Comcast Cable Communications, LLC

No IPv6 address detected [more info]

You appear to be able to browse the IPv4 Internet only. You will not be able to reach IPv6-only sites.

To ensure the best Internet performance and connectivity, ask your ISP about native IPv6."

Can someone please assist to see why I'm not seeing IPV6 yet?

Thank you!

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Re: Dynamic IP and IPV6

Hey TwoStupidDogs. 

Thanks for reaching out to us on our support forums. I'd need to take a closer look at the Comcast Business Modem DHCP configuration to verify if the IPv6 is enabled. Do you mind sending me a private message with your full name, address and, phone number?

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