Internet Protocol Version 6
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Customer Owned Devices with Business Services and IPv6

Users that have Comcast Business Services with a customer owned device noticed v6 has been enabled for some time now.  They have also noticed they can only receive a /64-/60.  We are in the process of changing the prefix size they will be receiving to a /56 currently they receive /64-/60.  Over the next week the provisioning system will be updated, the current prefix will be deactivated so their router can receive a new prefix of /56.

User doesn't need to do anything unless they have a static addresses assigned to devices.

The process will be as follows:

Comcast will deactivate the current lease
Update the business class of service for customer owned devices
When the customer's router does a renew, it will receive a new /56 prefix

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Re: Customer Owned Devices with Business Services and IPv6

This has been completed on all modem models..

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