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Assigned different /56 last night

Business customer /w IPv4 static subnet.  Using IPv6 in production since May 7 pulling a /59 via DHCPv6 PD from my static /56 allocation.


This morning the /56 IPv6 prefix used for two months changed to an entirely new prefix.  Checked Static assignments on the Comcast business websites customer portal and sure enough it reflected that same new prefix.


What's the deal?  We have customer facing content on v6 now so it's important this work reliably.  Should I expect static allocations to change?

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Re: Assigned different /56 last night

Hello packeteater and welcome to forums.


I do apologize for any frustration this has caused you. I would like to verify your expected prefix to he one listed with your account to investigate this issue. Would you pleas send me a private message with your IP details so we can review?


Thank You

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