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Any projected date to get IPv6 rDNS working

First of all getting IPv6 rDNS to work should be fairly easy.  Comcast has registered name servers for the inverse of 2603:3005/32 (the zone  The most simple (but not very efficient) way to handle this is for every business customer with fixed address space requesting delegation, delegate their whole space with one line per customer NS.  As in for my zone:


a.  $TTL IN NS ns01.occnc.com.
             $TTL IN NS ns03.occnc.com.


Simple enough one would hope.  If they prefer to break this into smaller zones then create a Comcast zone for or a subset of that in the and put anyone within that zone in there.  They could weigh lots of small zones vs a smaller number of large zones.


Second, this is causing grief for a lot of Comcast business users.  We have repeatedly seen messages about having to keep a Hurricane Electric tunnel just to support a working mail server because HE knows how to do rDNS for IPv6 even though Comcast can't figure it out.  BTW- another solution is to colo a 1U server with someone and HE does 1U colo.


So my question expanded from the subject line is "Is there any projected date to get IPv6 rDNS working for Comcast business customers?"  A second question is "Is there anyone in Comcast support that could make the above change (when no on is looking, maybe) to the zone file?"


For now I'm just using the HE tunnel for all IPv6 even though I could use it for all but a the host mta2-em1.orleans.occnc.com.




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Re: Any projected date to get IPv6 rDNS working


Hi curtisv and welcome the business forums. 


I would like to look into your name server request. Please private message me your full name, the name of your business, the full address and the phone number associated with your business account. 

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Re: Any projected date to get IPv6 rDNS working

I have the same issue.  Comcast should really figure this out.


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Re: Any projected date to get IPv6 rDNS working

Hi Ches. I replied your private message. Please send a response there.

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