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Xfinity Stream for Comcast Business

Learn how to access the XFINITY Stream app, register your mobile device and use the mobile app's main features. 
We'll give you a tour using the Apple version of the mobile app. Please note, the steps and screens for the Android mobile app and the Web app will vary slightly. 

What you'll need 

Some XFINITY Stream app features vary by subscription type. Business Internet is required to stream live TV in the business

1.  Download the XFINITY Stream app from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store or the 

Amazon App Store or go to to access the application on a computer.

2.  Open the XFINITY Stream app on your mobile device.

3.  Select the sign in link for Comcast Business customers, enter your Comcast Business My Account username and password and select Continue.

  • You only need to register this device once. On future visits, the mobile app will recognize this device and you won't need to sign in again.
  • Forgot your username or password? Go to to retrieve or change.

4.  Select Yes to accept the terms of activation.

5.  If you're using an Android device, enter a name for this device, then select Continue. If you're using an Apple device, the Apple device name is used automatically.

6.  Select Get Started to begin watching your favorite programs, or swipe right to learn more about the Stream app. 

When you open the Stream app, the For You screen will appear. Swipe right or select the menu icon in the top left to expand the main menu.


  • Saved: View the For You screen, and Favorites. 
  • Live TV: Select All Channels to see all of your channels with TV listings (see Using the TV Listings). Or, use the other menus to see only your Favorite Channels (Favorite channels can be created by selecting the star next to each channel in the All Channels TV Listings view).
  • Settings icon: Access mobile app settings such as accessibility options (see Using Accessibility Options), Help & Support, Device Management, and Parental Controls (see Using Parental Controls).


When you're connected to your Business Internet wireless network, you can stream all the channels in your subscription from your mobile device.
If you’re not connected to your Business Internet network, you will be able to see the TV listings but will not be able to stream any content.

From the main menu, select All Channels.

In All Channels, you can:

  • Select the date to show listings for a specific day and time.
  • Swipe right to left to move the time frame forward. Swipe left to right to move the time frame back.
  • Select a channel to watch that channel live.
  • Select a program to see its description and links to watch the channel or get more information on the program, including upcoming airings.
  • High Definition (HD), Closed Captioning (CC), Secondary Audio (SAP) and Video Description.
  • You will not see any channels available out of your business. That feature and filter is only available for residential XFINITY customers.



Using Accessibility Options


The XFINITY Stream app provides the following accessibility options to accommodate a variety of viewers: 

  • Closed Captioning: See an on-screen text version of the program audio while the program is playing.
  • Video Description: Hear program audio that includes descriptions of the key visual elements of the program.
  • Secondary Audio Program (SAP): Hear program audio in another language.


To set up accessibility options, select the Settings icon at the bottom of the main menu and then select Accessibility.

Want to know more? Learn more about accessibility options in the XFINITY Stream app for Android.



Using Parental Controls


Parental Controls allow you to limit what your employees or customers can see when browsing the Stream app, as well as restrict the programs they can view. 

  • Enable Touch ID: Use your fingerprint to verify your identity when changing Parental Controls.
  • Safe Browse Settings: Limit the program titles and descriptions that display when browsing programs.
  • Movie Ratings: Block movies based on movie ratings.
  • TV Ratings: Block TV shows based on TV ratings.
  • Networks & Channels: Block programs shown on a selected network or channel.
  • Titles: Manage programs you have individually blocked.
To set up Parental Controls, select the Settings icon at the bottom of the main menu and then select Parental Controls.

Want to know more? Learn more about setting Parental Controls with the XFINITY Stream app.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Who can use the XFINITY Stream app?

  • To use the Stream app you must meet the following requirements:
  • Be a private view business (i.e. private office, doctor’s office, etc.), Stream is not available for Bars & Restaurants
  • Be connected to your Comcast Business Internet network
  • Use the XFINITY Stream app on a laptop or mobile device
  • Log in with your Comcast Business credentials (visit to create credentials if you haven’t complete this step) LINK


Is this the same app that I use with my residential services?

  • Yes—however, you will only have access to view the channels within your Comcast Business TV subscription. On demand and DVR functionality are not available when signed in with your business credentials.


Will I be able to stream to devices wirelessly connected to my own router?

  • As long as Comcast Business is providing the service, Stream TV will work regardless of customer owned modem/router.


Can I use the Stream App with my business credentials at my home or when I leave my business?

  • No, the Stream App only works within your business while connected to your Comcast Business Internet network.


Why can I not watch TV on my device when I leave the business the same way I can with my residential account?

  • Comcast does not have the right to provide off premise viewing for Comcast Business customers.


Why can I not use the Stream App as a Public View business (i.e. a restaurant)?

  • Our agreements with programmers place certain rules on what we can do their content. We do not have the rights to provide video streaming services for Public View businesses.


Can I use the Stream App at home via VPN?

  • No, the Stream App only works within your business while connected to your Comcast Business Internet network.


Can I use the Stream app on multiple devices at the same time?

  • There can be five (5) simultaneous users, per account, streaming at any given time.  The users can be using the same or different credentials, but no more than five streams can be active at any given time per account.


Can I use the pause, rewind, and fast forward live TV from the Stream App?

  • No, the Stream App only allows live steaming without pause, rewind, and fast forward.


Will I be able to set favorite channels in the Stream App?

  • Yes, favorite channels can be setup through the All Channels tab, by pressing the star icons on the left next to the channel numbers and logos.


Can I use the Stream App on the office Roku or Smart TV?

  • At this time, Stream for Business is only available on computers, iOS and Android devices.


Why can’t we view channels On Demand?

  • Comcast maintains contract agreements with all of our programming partners which prevent us from providing On Demand channels to businesses.


When I look at all live channels within the Stream App, it seems to be missing a lot of channels compared to our guide in the office.

  • The TV Boxes or TV Adapters connected to TVs in the office will show the full list of all channels that Comcast provides. The Stream App, however, will only display the channels that your business is subscribed to.  You have the ability to live stream any channel that is listed in the “Live Channels” guide within the Stream App.


I have Business TV but when I log in everything I see says TV GO and the channel list doesn’t look like the channel list in my business.

To use your Comcast Business service with the XFINITY Stream App, follow these steps.

  1. Log out of the app with any credentials you may be using at home or on the go.
  2. Open the app and click “Get Started”
  3. On the log in screen, scroll down below the “Sign in” button
  4. Click on “Sign in here” for Comcast Business Customers
  5. Login on the next screen using your Business Account Credentials


I don’t have credentials with my Comcast Business Account to log into the Stream App.

Please follow these steps to determine the best way to get credentials.

  1. Try to log in to your account at
  2. If you are successful, use the same credentials for logging in to the Stream App

If you are not successful then…

  1. If you are the owner of the account you can create an account at You will need some account details that can be found on your Comcast Business bill.
  2. If you are NOT the owner of the account then you’ll need to work with the account owner to set up credentials.


I have an account log in for myself but how do I give Stream App access to my employees?


Are Parental controls administered per device or login?

  • Each device will have the ability to control parental settings for that device. Example: You can have 5 devices using 1 login, all set with different Parental Control parameters.
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