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Dear Sir or Madam:

On Thursday, November 17, 2016 was the schedule installation of our hotel which been under renovations for several months. A crew of 5 men in 4 vehicles arrived around 11:00 AM and started relatively promptly.

In the afternoon I checked a few rooms in the second floor of our Flamingo building and noticed there was no signal in any of the TVs. Around 5:30 PM I talked to the technicians and inquired about the reason of the malfunction. At that time I was informed that none of the new Cable TV black little boxes they install were working. Their explanation was that the boxes handed to them were residential boxes and not Commercial/Hospitality Cable TV boxes. Under the circumstances I demanded from them to install the old boxes back in. I explained to them the nature of our business. Basically I stated I can not rent rooms without Cable TV, a complimentary feature in every hotel now days. After some argument they agreed to install the old Cable TV boxes. They also stated that they will be back on December 8, 2016, to perform the installation properly.

At 6:48 PM, I notice they were gone. I checked several rooms and sadly realize they just left the old boxes in the rooms but did not install them. Friday, November 18, 2016, we had to re-install the old boxes for the entire property because they did not have the decency to re-install the old boxes properly. Our Maintenance men had to dig in the dumpster to retrieve cables and other important components to re-install the old boxes.
The main purpose of this message is to inform you that we continue to have 29 remodeled units out of order and unsalable because of this situation that's been dragging on since July 2016. These issues are causing us to lose potential business during this holiday season. Furthermore, the lack of Cable TV service also affects our Marina as we have no Cable TV boxes to assigned.
After following up on Friday, November 18, I was informed by one of your Customer Service Reps over the phone that a December 8 installation is not schedule. Your ways of doing business are unacceptable. We should be given priority after all we’ve been thru. Our renewal agrement haven't been honored even though it was signed back in July 2016. Our Business Account Executive, Rodrigo Estadella and his superior Anatoli Martins haven't done anything to help us. They do not even acknowledge my E-mail messages or phone calls. In the mean time account rates went up for no particular reason or valid explanation. Now we are been threaten with disconnection of service because we refuse to pay the additional unexplained charges. With the new contract were supposed to pay less, not more. We will appreciate your prompt assistance in this matter.
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Re: Hospitality

So sorry for the delay,


Can you please send me a private message with your account number so we can investigate your case?


Thank you 

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