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Dead DTA -- The quickest fix?

We're a longtime Comcast Business customer (Internet and Business TV). One of our DTAs has died--No power on, no lifesigns of any kind. We need an expedient replacement. I don't have time to spend hours on the phone answering entry-level questions read by clueless calltakers (I've been a broadcast engineer for 45 years. I know a dead box when I see one). The last time we had a problem I went to the nearest service center and was told they couldn't help me because I'm a business customer.


That leaves my options somewhat limited. I'm shorthanded and can't afford to waste a lot of time chasing this around. It's time I simply don't have.


I'd be happy with a replacement DTA shipped or delivered to our office with a return label for the old one. I could even leave the old one at the front desk in advance (it's not doing anything anyway).


Any suggestions for the shortest route from dead DTA to living TV?





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Re: Dead DTA -- The quickest fix?




I can certainly assist with your DTA. Please private message me your account number and the name of your business. 

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