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Comcast Business TV Doesn't work

I hooked up my flat screen to the small comcast box that was provided when I signed up for business internet. I'm not getting any signal. I've tried the remote, etc, but no signal. What should I do? Thanks

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Re: Comcast Business TV Doesn't work

Hello SK and welcome,


If you are sure that you have Comcast Business TV service, then the technician should have provided you a coaxial cable splitter, one connection for your Internet Gateway and another for you TV. The TV connection from the splitter goes int the Line IN connector of the DTA Box, then the DTA Box cable out cable connects to the coax receptable on your TV, usually it is the antenee. If you continue to have issues, call 800-391-3000, use the video technical option, then have the technical agent resolve this for you.



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Re: Comcast Business TV's Doesn't work

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