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standalone modem.

Hey comcast,


I would like to get a standalone modem from you guys coupled with static ips so i can actually use the business account I signed up for productively without spending countless hours trying to configure your smc or netgear gateways to work with our pre-existing lan. Just last month I used up 500 minutes of my cell phone talking to your techs to no avail. Why must bussiness account holders be forced to be strapped down with your god awful devices that no one seems to able to know how to configure. If cox cable can provide their customers with headache free service i think you should be able to to it too, or is Cox just a better business where they dont force on their customers to use some archaic device and pay a monthly fee on it and there is no user manual anywhere to be found and we are forced to call comcast support where help is barely adequate.


I want to use my own equipment an SA540 and ASA5505 for backup. Now is there somebody out there in comcast who has written documentation on how to use/configure your gateways to our existing network. Or are we forced to pay for your signature support to get such, in that case, kudos, you have made it extremely difficult for your customers by design and created a second tier paid support for it

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Re: standalone modem.

Welcome torro4000.  The use of a standalone modem coupled with fixed static IP address is not available on the Comcast Network.  If a customer has purchased Static IP addresses the configuration file is downloaded at install and can be pushed to the device at any time by Comcast Technical Support. The LAN side of the Comcast Gateway's can be customized by the customer to match their individual network address scheme.  Access to the LAN side UI is via the LAN IP using the default username/password of cusadmin/highspeed.  


Thank You

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