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smc gateway, block of 5 statics, ports not opening for me

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Okay, so Comcast came today and switched me from the Netgear gateway to the SMC gateway.  I have a wndr4000(netgear n750) router plugged into it.   I put dd-wrt on said router.   I have the router in its setting set to static more and typed in one my avail static ip's from comcast.   I am using  my laptop via wifi to the router.  My wan address is the static ip I set.


my gateway is x.x.x.46, and my ip block 41-45, I am using the x.x.x.45 on my router.  I have ports forwarded on the router to go to this pc at 192.168.101 .  But they are not really open.  I am trying to forward 80, 7777, 8000, and 15000.  I turned off the spi firewall on the routher, turned off firewall on the computer, tried both bridge mode and non bridge mode on the gateway.


Thanks, ask if you need more info plz


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Re: smc gateway, block of 5 statics, ports not opening for me

Hello myclodel and welcome,


If you are interested in ONLY opening these ports on your static IP device, then you should  log into your SMC, click FW, then Porting, then click on True Static IP port management link, and this is where you can specifically only open ports on your specific static IP device.


Hope this helps you out.

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