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recommended Comcast modem for business with separate firewall / VPN

Can someone please provide a recommendation of the recommended DOCSIS 3.0 modem for use with a Comcast business account with /28 static IP block, wishing to run a separate firewall and perhaps other network devices needing to route from a public IP address?  The "gateway" devices do not appear to do clean routing for a static IP block.


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Re: recommended Comcast modem for business with separate firewall / VPN

All of the gateways handle static IP routing in the same fashion, and as far as I've been able to tell it's as "clean" as I've needed it to be. I am running numerous firewall/VPN appliances behind both the SMCD3G and the Cisco DPC3939B. I have used:


-Ubiquiti EdgeRouters

-Mikrotik RB2011 devices

-Various Cisco routers (ASA5505, 860 ISR, 3845 ISR, numerous Small Business models such as RV042/RV082)

-Linux based PCs running various software routing platforms (PfSense, DDWRT, RouterOS, etc.)


I have been able to do pretty much everything you've listed in your post. Tunnel & Transport IPsec VPNs/OpenVPN, VRF queues, source-based routing to have a router with 2 WANs and 2 LANs, all of that has worked fine.


Keep in mind, if you have static IPs you MUST rent a gateway device; Comcast does not allow static IPs with retail-purchased modems.

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