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opening the ports 5228-5230

We have a static IP, and have our modem connected to a netgear N150 Wireless Router (WNR1000v2).


I am trying to open up ports 5228-5230 for a phone application called MightText.  The phone, through wifi, is what needs the ports opened, and the ip address for the phone is dynamic.


I used a site called which confirms that the ports are blocked.


I went into the modem/Firewall/Port Configuration and attempted to open up the ports, but it told me the "Local IPs not in the Public Lan".


What can I try?



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Re: opening the ports 5228-5230

Hello Kendjr and welcome,


If you WNR1000v2 is using a Comcast static ip, then you must open those ports. This can be done by loggin to your Comcast Gateway using cusadmin/highspeed, then go to Port Forwarding and click the link True staticIP management, then you will click add and enter in 5228-5230 5228-5230 both WNR1000v2.static.ip.address that was used within the your WAN interface segment. After you do this you should be up and running, unless there is a port oopening facility in your N150 that needs to be opened too.


Hope this helps you out.

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