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firmware upgrade 3941B

Is there a firmware upgrade for the 3941B model routers, to address the FBI warnings about malware?

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Re: firmware upgrade 3941B

Recently, you may have read an article regarding VPNFilter malware infiltrating some modems and gateways. Comcast-provided modems and gateways are not vulnerable to the “VPNFilter” malware, and customers using our devices do not need to take any action.


As always, we strongly recommend that our customers who own their devices follow manufacturers’ instructions and keep them updated with the latest security patches.

It is important to note that VPNFilter can only infect devices that are already compromised by some other cybersecurity vulnerability. The best way for customers to protect themselves is to make sure their devices are current with the latest security updates.

In addition, it was recently reported that the FBI seized assets related to VPNFilter, effectively limiting the threat posed by the malware. Specifically, this action may prevent VPNFilter from reinstalling itself after an infected device is rebooted. While VPNFilter does not affect Comcast-provided gateways and modems, customers can choose to reboot their third-party devices.




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