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best vpn modem to go behind a cg3000dcr comcast modem using a static ip

I have asked this question before and tried the rt320 cisco router to no avail. 


The situation is:


we have 3 locations. 1 is the location of our server the other 2 are satilite locations that connect via a vpn router that is up all the time.  If I loose the internet connection at the server end both satilite locations go down for at least 10 MIN.  even if the server location is only down for a few sec. the other problem is the speed we get with the vpn up is around 20.  if I turn of the vpn I get the 75 I should get.  


Any help would be greatly apprciated 



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Re: best vpn modem to go behind a cg3000dcr comcast modem using a static ip

Hello alfreenj and welcome,


The first order of networking VPN business is to make sure your accurate VPN implementation has the necessary ports opened on either the Comcast Gateway (CG) , using a static IP,  or a dedicated VPN router connected to the CG as shown at the following website : . I have provided this information to MANY other business customers who have been able to open consistent VPN implementation via Comcast internet service.


Your issue with 20 Mbps with VPN up versus 75 Mbps with VPN down deals with your VPN router and its handling of the VPN routing, data transactions and processing between server and satelites. When your VPN is up and connected, you should open another computer on that router and perform a


Hope this helps you out. 

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