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Yet another 'true bridge mode' request


I have tried to get my gateway to go in true bridge mode


A "National" support representative said she had done it in the morning, but despite me power-cycling the unit a few times, and manually verifying that the SMC does not have LAN DHCP enabled, it is still giving out 10.x.x.x IP addresses, and my ASUS router is still not being assigned a public-facing IP address via DHCP


Is it possible to somehow get my gateway in true bridge mode?



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Re: Yet another 'true bridge mode' request

Hi, I need assitance please with putting my SMC Gateway into true bridge mode as well. (Passthrough mode won't suffice for my needs.) I do not have any static IP addresses.


Edit: Nevermind, Tier 2 support was able to assist me and I am all good now

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Re: Yet another 'true bridge mode' request

Hello granataenrico and welcome to forums,


Are you still needing to put your gateway into bridge mode? If so please send me a private message with your account information so I can make this adjustment for you.


Thank You

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