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VPN to Router without Bridge Mode

We have a Comcast Netgear Modem and a Netgear ProSecure UTM5.  We want our UTM to handle the VPN.  However with our current setup, we have a secondary line coming out of the Netgear Modem to a different Wireless Router for employees to surf the web bypassing the UTM filtering.  So if we put the Modem in Bridge mode, we'd have to get rid of the Wireless Router, correct?

Is there any way to do what I'm asking?  Pass VPN from the Modem to our UTM and keep the second router coming out of the Modem.




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Re: VPN to Router without Bridge Mode

Hi McClureAssoc.  That particular configuration is not possible as all router functionality is disabled when the device is placed in true bridge mode.  The device will only pass the network IP to first device connected and DHCP is disabled.


Thank You