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VPN connections with SCD3G-CCR

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VPN connections with SCD3G-CCR

Hi, I am trying to run multiple simultaneous VPN connections with SCD3G-CCR modem and I have a static IP.  The server that I am trying to connect to is a VPN server that sits directly behind the SCD3G router. I've been trying to make multiple simultaneous VPN connection from remote locations and cannot make more than 1 connection at a time. How many simultaneous VPN connections does the modem support? I want to be able to VPN from several different locations at the same time.

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Re: VPN connections with SCD3G-CCR

Hi jams84.  The number of VPN connections is determined by the VPN client on the server or by the terminating VPN appliance such as a VPN firewall/router or a server. The SMC will allow all connections to the active device.


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