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Up to date modems for Business Class

When is Comcast going to get around to approving modems for business class service that are manufactured in the 21st century?  I would like to replace my gateway with a new modem, but I don't want to buy an old Motorola 6120 or 6121.  Why can't you guys move a little quicker on updating approved equipment?  How about allowing the 6141 and/or some of the other "new" offerings that have been around for quite some time now.  It would be nice to have a modem that can bond ot 8 channels down.  In fact, I had one (a Motorola 6580) that worked really well until I moved from "consumer" Comcast to "business class".  I check the approved list from time to time, and after over a year of checking and no changes, I'm really frustrated with Comcast.

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Re: Up to date modems for Business Class

Hello RossHenning,


Thank you for the post.

We will forward it to our product and service group for future inquiry.







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