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Trying to connect printers (Etc...)

Ok, so we;ve recently switched over from Frontier.  We have a HUGE Canon printer that we need to be on the network.  In order to do this however, i need to get into the router where the DHCP controls what IPs are given out to what devices.  The printer is stuck on a static IP and other info which  I will change once i figure out how to assign it its credentials in the router.



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Re: Trying to connect printers (Etc...)

Hello CareerTEAM and welcome,


Not sure what you mean by " The printer is stuck on a static IP "? Anyways......


First you must log into the Comcast Gateway (CG) using the following process:


1. connect any computer via ethernet cable to any CG LanPort 1-4 usually on rear

2. bring up a browser, then type in inthe address field, enter

3. username=cusadmin, password =highspeed

4. If you have a Netgear3000 (A) or SMCD3G (B) - click on LAN ; if you have a DPC39XXB(C) then click connect(ion), then LAN status and this will get you to the LAN DHCP Server area to make any modifications.


If you want to dedicate a dynamic IP address on CG A & B you should be able to use -, only if your DHCP Server start address (this is the dynamic IP start address) is set to and your DHCP Server IP address = So, I would recommend you set your printers network setup IP address to something like and it must be plugged into one of the CG LanPorts 1-4.


Hope this helps you out.



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