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Tech tells me I cannot have internet + phone on Arris TM822G together?

We bought an Arris TM822G so we don't have to lease a modem/gateway from Comcast. Yesterday they activated my internet on it, but had issues getting the phone to work. The techs managed to fix it by morning, but then the internet didn't work. I called and they sent a tech out to have a look. According to this tech who came we need seperate boxes for the phone and internet. Why wouldn't the Comcast techs on the phone tell me that right away? This doesn't seem right to me and if the modem has both phone and internet support it should be able to work. I think the tech just never worked with a modem that supports both. So I am stuck with two seperate boxes for now.

If any Comcast employees want to have a look, these are the ticket numbers:



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Re: Tech tells me I cannot have internet + phone on Arris TM822G together?

Hello september and welcome,


All Comcast business class customers have a dedicated modem for each Digital Telephone and Internet services, along with separate cable boxes for Video Cable TV service. Comcast only suppports single modem Internet and Digital Voice on Comcast Residential Service.


Hope this helps you out.  


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