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Still can't see static IP's inside LAN.



I have a web server within our network with a block of 13 static IP's from comcast.  That server recently suffered a hard crash and so I have been rebuilding from scratch.  (Long story.)


The server is functional again, but I still don't have the networking right.  The Comcast modem is their standard Netgear business gateway.


Most of my static IP's have been assigned to the NIC on the web server.  Within the web server, these IP's are assigned using 1 address for the primary name server in DNS, and the others are assigned to web sites (via DNS and within IIS).  The server is running Windows 2003 and IIS6.


Right now, I can't even ping the static addresses from another machine in my private network. (i.e. 192.168..)  Using online tools, I can ping my web site domains, and I seem to get the right IP responses.


I read another thread in this forum that looks very similar to my situation.  The solution to the problem there was to assign one of the static IP's to the WAN interface on my internal router (a Netgear wireless router).  I wonder if there is a way to avoid using another static IP for this, but I have assigned one at least for testing purposes.  Actually, my problem seems worse.  Where I was able to connect to the web server via a Remote Desktop Connection, now I can't. 


Here are the settings that I think may be important for this conversation:


Gateway settings:



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Re: Still can't see static IP's inside LAN.

Sorry.  Somehow switching back and forth between tabs caused me to prematurely submit...  Anyway, here are the key settings for the gateway:


IP Address:

subnet mask:

Domain Suffix:  (This is nonstandard, and I don't know why.)

DHCP is turned off.

"Assign DNS Manually" is checked.

Primary DNS: (My own DNS Server, and the primary IP for the web server.)

Secondary DNS: (Until I can get my second DNS up and running.)


My internal router's Internet IP address is set to an unused static IP in my range:

This router is a DHCP server for the private network.


Currently (for testing) the Firewall has been turned off on the web server.


Can anyone here give me some insight into how to resolve this problem.  I can't ping any of my static IP's on the web server from within the local network.  I also can't resolve URLs for our web sites.  This makes it very difficult to see and address issues for our clients.  These were not issues before the webserver crash.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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