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Solid connection but slow downloads

Two questions:


1. Our office is experiencing slow download speeds. Typically 2 MB/s or slower. We currently have an SMC 8014, a stand alone voice modem and a television digital converter. The three devices are connected through a comcast supplied splitter. The SMC is handling all DHCP and routing. We do not have a static ip.


If I look at the modem status with everything connected I am seeing:

Downstream Power Level: -9.6dBmV

Downstream SNR: 29.95dB


If I connect the modem directly to the line coming in from outside, and connect the modem directly to a laptop with an ethernet cable, I am still seeing the same readings.


So, according to your "Connection Trouble Shooting Tips" we have too much noise on our downstream connection.


Now to the meat of my first question, could the modem be the culprit or the outside wiring?


2. Since like I said above, we have a stand alone voice modem, could I safely replace the SMC 8014 with a SB6190 modem and our own router without causing voice modem problems?

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Re: Solid connection but slow downloads




Your downstream RX power level would be more indicative of an issue with the modem but the fact that your SNR may be out of specification might point to something else. 



You could replace your modem with the SB6190. It won't interfere with the eMTA since they act independently of each other. The SB6190 handles most business internet speeds (especially up to 300mbps) so as long as you have a bootfile for 300mbps or lower, that should be compatible. 


If you send me your full name, address, and phone number via private message, I can check out your signal levels and for any issues with the plant in your area. 



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