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SmC Modem Bridge Mode?

Can someone tell me if I should still be able to login to an smc3g moem if it has been put in bridge mode. Our network has been acting flaky lately and I wanted to atake a look at any settings in the modem. I try going to but only get timeouts.


Can the modem be reset from comcast to see if it solves out problems with connectivity dropping periodically.

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Re: SmC Modem Bridge Mode?

Yes, bridge mode will disable access to the address as far as I know. I'm pretty sure a ping to from your LAN should result in timeouts as well.


And yes, Comcast can reset the modem back and forth from bridged to non-bridged mode, you just have to call in 1-800-391-3000 and request it.

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Re: SmC Modem Bridge Mode?

Hello bcrown,


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I would like to add this to train_wreak's post.


Have you ever consider getting a standalone modem instead of an IP-Gateway in bridge mode?

What a bridge mode is to turn the device (modem/router) into a regular surfboard modem.



Thank you

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Re: SmC Modem Bridge Mode?

Adding to Jons suggestion if you purchase the surfboard modem that will save you the equipment fee too. The Motorola modem can usually be accessed from so you can still check your logs and signal levels.
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