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Security camera port forwarding - bridge mode or get new service provider?

I have a security camera system at a client location. The owner want’s to monitor the business from home. I had it working for 3 months using DHCP with a Dynamic DNS site. After a recent power outage, it works intermittently (I have to reset every day). I can log in to the DCP3939B modem when connected via LAN port if I do a reset, but it locks up right away and won’t let me change anything. Tech support opened a ticket, but after 2 days, no call back.

My question is; should I put the modem into bridge mode and get a router that actually works? Or should I just look for a new service provider that has user friendly equipment?


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Re: Security camera port forwarding - bridge mode or get new service provider?

Hello AliasSmith and welcome,


The first thing you need to determine is if you are using a changing DHCP dynamic ip address or a static IP address. It is mandatory that your security camera server use a DHCP static address. Please follow this process : first log into your DPC3939B using cusadmin/highspeed, then click on connections, then click on LAN or DHCP status, then make sure your starting address range starts at, click save. Now you have through to use as DHCP static addresses. I recommend that you go to your security camera network configuration and use for its forcefed DHCP static ip address, gateway =, and subnet mask = This will provide you a rock solid DHCP static address for your security camera server.


Hope this helps you out. 

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