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SMCD3G Setup for Static IP's

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SMCD3G Setup for Static IP's

I am trying to use a WAN static IP to access a device on the private LAN.  Comcast has provided 5 static IP addresses, but I have been unable to configure the SMC or local device to work properly.  I am trying to use the Comcast supplied modem/router to accomplish this, the LAN device is plugged directly into the SMC.

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Re: SMCD3G Setup for Static IP's

Welcome arms_2002.  You can assign one of your Static IP'S directly to the WAN interface of your router or computer, with the Comcast gateway IP address as the default gateway IP for your device or create a 1 to 1 NAT rule on the SMC that points to the perferred IP to the LAN IP of your device.  

To set up a 1 to 1 NAT rule:

sign into gateway,  click the Firewall tab,   Click 1 to 1 NAT tab, un-check disable all and then click the add new button.

The public IP will be the static IP and the private IP is the LAN IP of the device directly connected to the SMC.


Thank You

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