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I have the SMC Business Gateway on 50/10 service with 5 static IPs. The firmware in the modem is


I'm wondering if IPv6 is simply not available in my area yet (23139 zipcode). The admin pages show IPv6 configuration for LAN side, and has status information in the Gateway Summary page but all the IPv6 fields are empty, except the one showing the Link-Local address for the LAN side.


I can ping the IPv6 address of the LAN port from my IPv6 enabled Firewall (dual stack) but DHCP6 does not produce and results and I cannot ping or anything beyond the modem LAN port. (Even after manually setting the modem LAN port as my IPv6 default route)


Is it just  matter of waiting for roll out in my area  or is there something I need to do, do right,  or have setup on my service to make IPv6 operational?




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Re: SMCD3G-CCR and IPv6

Welcome gregw. At this time  IPv6 for Business customers is still in the trial phase. We will update the Forum with the roll out dates once they are finalized.


Thank You

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