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SMCD3G-CCR and Android devices

Short story:

I'd like to request that our SMC router is swapped with a different type (Cisco, Netgear...). Note that we have a static IP address, so we will need a comcast provided router that will support it. How do I initiate a replacement?


Long story:

Android devices do not work reliably on our network. The issue seems to be a buggy or incomplete IP6 implementation on either the SMCD3G router or the Android platform or both. The end result is that Android devices will often have a very slow or non-existent network connection. Disabling IP6 completely does not seem possible with the SMC router or Android phones. Rooting phones or installing a VPNs on the phone is not an option in our context.




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Re: SMCD3G-CCR and Android devices

Hello Leif,


Please check your private messages for an update on your request. 


Thank you 

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