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SMCD3G-CCR Locking Up



We have a SMCD3R-CCR in our business environment, and occasionally we've had the modem appear to hard lock.  All of the lights are a steady green when this happens, none of them are flashing, like the link ports.  When this occurs, the only way to bring the system back online is to physically power off / on the modem.  If we aren't in the office, it appears that the modem will eventually connect again, however, it can take upwards of a half hour to do so.  This tends to happen 2-4 times a month, which doesn't sound like a lot.  However, when we are running a business environment, this can be a real pain.


We haven't made any changes to our end that we think would affect this, so we're unsure as to what could be the culprit.  I wanted to post this on the forum before contacting Comcast Business via phone, in case anyone had any suggestions.  Thanks!

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Re: SMCD3G-CCR Locking Up

Hello fUngw00 and welcome,


To the best of my knowledge Comcast ONLY supports the SMCD3G as one of their standard gateways. You can verify this at by dragging the Business Tier Internet gauge blue ball to your current internet speed and it will show the supported Comcast gateways.


I would also search this Forum for 'Connection Troubleshooting Tips' and check all of your connection parameters to in in specification. After you determine your connection paramters then coontact 800-391-3000, use the high speed internet technical options, then inform the technical agent of your issue and the agent will get this resolved for you.


Hope this helps you out.

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