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SMC8014 relability

There seems to be a very critical issue with the SMC8014 modem, even after disabling the Smart Gateway Detection feature I still expierence random issues of lag that last for many hours, until I physically have to drive to the remote location and power cycle the modem, then all is well.


--- ping statistics ---
188 packets transmitted, 35 received, 81% packet loss, time 187984ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 23.822/30.195/48.900/6.434 ms


The above will last until the morning, and it occurs from various off site locations. The modem itself from within the network is /compltely/ unreachable, and causing DHCP handoff to stop working to my WiFI AP, so I physically have to go to the modem and power cycle it.


I've read on various forums that the SMC 8014 modem, is simply underpowered and will give bizzare behavior under certain network conditions (ie: a NAT table with 1000 enteries will cause the CPU of it to go crazy and not forward traffic)


Is this a KNOWN issue with these modems? As far as I can tell, this has been ongoing at my other location for many years now, but only recently this has been more of an issue. This seems to fix itself, after spending 8 hours or so dropping traffic. 


If this is a KNOWN issue, is there a newer SMC modem that has all the bugs fixed? We use the internet for Fire Department activities which requires a stable connection to our 911 center.




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Re: SMC8014 relability

Hi gstanley79.  The info in the post indicates an issue with the equipment or a problem on the line. We can dispatch a technician to replace the equipment and check for line issues.  


Thank You 

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