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SMC -> NetGear CG3000DCR, Now have Problems with Remote Desktop (RDP)

We had 16/2mbps internet service with 5 static IP's with Comcast and just 'upgraded' to 100/20mbps service (as well as a full PRI) on Monday (1/6), and we are now having problems with Remote Desktop timing out and disconnecting.


A call to support was fruitless, because after a few simple tests they only know how to point the finger at the end user, instead of actual troubleshooting.


Nothing has changed on our end.  I configured the port forwarding exactly as it was on the SMC we had previously, so it is clearly a problem with the Netgear.


The new Netgear appears to be having problems with port forwarding, but support refuses to help and can only tell me they can send a tech out and bill me for it.


I figured I would make a last ditch effort here before I call and cancel our PRI and Internet account with Comcast and start shopping for a new phone and Internet provider.